1. Development prospects and strategies of world and domestic petrochemistry.

2. Prospecting, extracting and processing of oil and gas, petrochemistry.

3. Polymer composite materials. Paintwork materials. Advanced technologies and equipment for manufacturing of composite-based materials.

4. Elastomeric materials: physics and chemistry of rubber, raw materials for the production of elastomeric compositions, reinforcement of rubber, design  and simulation of tires and rubber products, advanced technologies and equipment for the production of elastomeric materials and products.

5. Digital technology and automation in petrochemical industry.

6. Nanomaterials in polymer composites.

7. Instrumentation of processes. Improved energy efficiency of heat exchange equipment of the chemical industry.

8. Environmental challenges and ways of addressing them. Industrial waste management: problems, solutions, prospects. Recycling of polymer materials.

9. Production of mineral- and gas-based fertilizers.

10. Training of highly-competent professionals at all cycles of  tertiary and postgraduate education.